Calm Pipe Limited

Calmly is a new tool created to provide a healthy experience. It can be practised anywhere and anytime. Our aroma pods have been developed using high-grade natural food extracts,  essential oils, and fractionated coconut oil. 

How does it work?

  1. Calmly uses the power of your natural exhale to drive an internal air turbine.
  2. Your breathing activates a completely separate secondary turbine.
  3. This draws a new airflow through our specially blended aroma pods.
  4. The soothing aromatic air is immediately sent towards your nose.



+64 027 4488189

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119390 Calm Pipe Black & Gold Paisley Pipe
119387 Calm Pipe Colourful Paisley Pipe
118897 Calm Pipe Lavender Chamomile Aroma Pods
119389 Calm Pipe White & Gold Paisley Pipe
119388 Calm Pipe Woodgrain Pipe


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