Calm Pipe Limited

Calm Pipe® is a highly engineered product innovated and made in New Zealand. It's designed to support healthier habits and encourage better breathing.
Calm Pipe® simply uses the power of your own breathing action to drive an air turbine mechanism inside the pipe bowl (no batteries or heating coils). 

It works by drawing fresh air through the pipe, into your lungs, while sending a smaller, targeted aromatic flow of air towards your nose. Pipe aromas are personalised to you, allowing enjoyment close to others. This benefit is an integral part of Calm Pipe® as it’s designed to be a pastime without fear or guilt.

Our aromas have been developed using the highest-grade food extracts, essential oils and carrier oils, to give you a pure and naturally boutique experience. Visit for a breath of fresh air.


+64 027 4488189

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119390 Calm Pipe Black & Gold Paisley Pipe
119387 Calm Pipe Colourful Paisley Pipe
118897 Calm Pipe Lavender Chamomile Aroma Pods
119389 Calm Pipe White & Gold Paisley Pipe
119388 Calm Pipe Woodgrain Pipe


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