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19 Nov 2018
Iconic Buy NZ Made celebrates 30th birthday
The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign is turning 30 and celebrating with events around the country to showcase member companies and the iconic kiwi...
17 Sep 2018
Making It New Zealand from Invercargill
Invercargill is in the midst of a southern renaissance as large future investments promise a further runway of growth. The upgraded airport is the...
12 Sep 2018
Regional eCommerce Growing Fastest.
31 May 2018
Buy NZ Campaign Gets New Executive Director
Experienced business, marketing and e-commerce specialist Ryan Jennings has joined the BusinessNZ team as Executive Director of the Buy New Zealand...
16 Mar 2018
Sign up now and go in the draw to get next year free
To celebrate 30 years, businesses who sign up for a licence between now and 22 June go in the draw to win one of five chances of having their next...
14 Mar 2018
Leader Wanted: We are seeking a new Executive Director!
After 11 years, our fabulous Executive Director is moving on to her next challenge. Are you good enough to replace her and lead the Buy NZ Made...
11 Dec 2017
Taranaki Engineering Company is NZ Ultimate Hero
Taranaki engineering specialist Carac Group has beaten hundreds of other New Zealand companies to secure the Buy NZ Made Ultimate Hero Award for 2017.
01 Nov 2017
Would NZ’s Ultimate Hero Step Forward…
November is the month the public get to vote for the first NZ Made Ultimate Hero from a pool of 12 exceptional companies who have been picked by the...
15 Sep 2017
Buy New Zealand Made Campaign tightens up Kiwi trademark licensing
A change in the rules governing the use of the Buy New Zealand Made trademark have been announced amid increasing awareness and demand for products...
09 Feb 2017
‘Made in New Zealand’ – what does it mean for food and dietary supplement manufacturers?
Country of origin labelling can have a big effect on sales. For quality, prestige or loyalty reasons, consumers often consider country of origin when...
04 Oct 2016
You Could Be Heroes
A new initiative launched this week by the Buy New Zealand Made campaign is set to turn some of the nation's top NZ Made companies into heroes.

Buy NZ Campaign Gets New Executive Director

31 May 2018

Experienced business, marketing and e-commerce specialist Ryan Jennings has joined the BusinessNZ team as Executive Director of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

Jennings, who brings domestic and international experience to the new role, will be placing a focus on developing the audience for the campaign as well as emphasising the iconic brand - celebrating its 30th anniversary this year - as one which companies can utilise with customers who are increasingly asking where a product was made.

Ryan’s first eCommerce business was setting up New Zealand’s only online florist for his mum before starting his own tech business introducing MP3 players to New Zealanders, three years before the iPod was invented. In the early 2000s he moved to London to design and market telecoms products for some of the world's largest global tech companies headquartered there, including Vodafone, Inmarsat, BT Global and Swift.

Ryan has worked with SMEs throughout New Zealand creating business and marketing strategies and is the author of 100% Kiwi Business: 9 Kiwi Success Navigators based on the insights from interviews with 100 kiwi business owners.

The Buy NZ Made Campaign offers a licence for businesses to use the Kiwi trademark to promote their New Zealand Made goods and services. All must meet the requirements of the Fair Trading Act for Country of Origin labelling.

Jennings says there is great value now and in the future for companies that qualify to use the trademark to differentiate with kiwi buyers and leverage New Zealand’s reputation internationally.

"There is no question that the Kiwi trademark is a significant marketing tool for businesses who make goods here in New Zealand. I believe it will be even more valuable in the future as businesses here and abroad look to differentiate through New Zealand provenance of manufacturing," he explained

"New Zealand Made is a trusted origin of quality that removes the doubt about where a product might have been made. Internationally, consumers recognise the value of knowing where a product comes from and New Zealanders are increasingly looking for the reassurance that country of origin labelling brings.

"This is where using the Buy NZ Made trademark can and will serve them very well. In a world which has effectively become smaller at the same time as it has become increasingly competitive, businesses that have committed to making goods here need to utilize every potential competitive advantage they can, and we will be working to make the Buy NZ Made trademark one of the primary tools for those businesses to gain a market origin advantage.

"I hope that I bring both passion and energy to this new role, as well as a sound knowledge of the standing of the NZ brand both at home and abroad and how we can work with business to develop the New Zealand Made trademark as a recognised origin of quality for their markets."


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