Business Technology Group Limited

We are an IT Cloud provider and Technology services company based out of Auckland , Tauranga and Christchurch. We have developed and host private cloud infrastructure based out of Auckland and Hamilton datacenters and supply this infrastructure as a service to NZ companies.

We additionally provision and supply secure WAN networking infrastructure using the UFB and other fibre services and have equipment located at various Telecomunications exchanges throughout NZ.

Our engineering staff are based in NZ with a smaller on the ground crew based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.



+64 9 5801374

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117055 DevelopIT Bespoke application integration and SaaS solutions development
117057 RestoreIT Customised Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions
117053 SecureIT Cyber security firewall and internet security solutions
117056 Digital Distancing Digital Distanced Work-from-Home Solutions
117051 MergeIT Hosted Private cloud infrastructure
117054 Talk3cx Hosted VOIPcustomised, integrated telephony solutions
117052 ConnectIT Secure private WAN solutions


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