Felton is a household name having installed over 1.6 million shower heads alone since Kiwis swapped out the baths for showers en masse in the 70s. 



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Authentic Aleppo soap at its finest

22 Aug 2022

In 2017, while thinking of business ideas, Hasan Chahoud’s son asked him: “Baba, why don’t you start the saboon business?” 

With aleppo soap being a part of Chahoud’s family business in Syria, and soap making being a long-standing part of his family, he jumped at the opportunity.

Hasan Aleppo Soap’s roots come from a rich knowledge of making aleppo soap, and the business now crafts a range of natural and authentic aleppo soaps as well as other health products with a focus on quality over quantity.

It heavily incorporates old-fashioned methods in making its soap. It is even considered the first aleppo-originating family that makes authentic aleppo soap in New Zealand.

“It is a great feeling to start such a big step in manufacturing and sharing the heritage of Aleppo soap in New Zealand,” Chahoud says.

Pure, authentic, and natural

Hasan Aleppo Soap pride themselves on creating authentic and natural products. In addition, its product range is wide and expansive, including deodorants, perfume, essential oils, tooth care products, and its top-selling Aleppo Soap Shampoo Bar, which is a 3-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar. 

It offers eco-friendly products that are low-waste and use packaging that is minimal and/or recyclable. In addition, these products are healthy and very useful for sensitive scalps and skin.

COVID struggles

Much like other NZ businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic proved challenging for Hasan Aleppo Soap, but the business spent the time adding more products to its already extensive product line, and focused on online sales.

It sells products in Auckland (via the Howick Village Market and the Clevedon Farmers Market) and across New Zealand from their online store, as well as exporting to countries such as Australia, France, China, and the United States.

NZ Made

Hasan Aleppo Soap sees the value in being a Kiwi-made business.

“Being a New Zealand brand is something we value and people from all over the world do value as well. So, joining Buy NZ Made was important to highlight this feature in our products line,” Chahoud says.

Its product range can be found at https://www.hasanalepposoap.co.nz/shop/ 


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