Arandee Ltd

Arandee is a New Zealand owned and operated specialist chemi-tool manufacturer established in 1972.  Focused on manufacturing hard working highly compliant products including:

  • Hospital grade sanitisers (hand , surface, air and PPE)
  • Insecticides (natural, synthetic, residual and border bio-security)
  • Lubricants (silicone, grease, penetrating oil, food grade)
  • Paints (enamel, forestry, stock -markers, inverted, line marking water and solvent based)
  • Accessories (touchless dispensers, automatic aerosols, paint guns wands and trolleys)

Arandee supplies in the business to business and business to government space including infrastructure, food and beverage manufacturing, forestry and primary industry, pest management, border bio-security, healthcare, government, hospitality and education.



+64 09 5795139

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117478 MAC Arandell Hand & Surface Sanitiser
117477 MAC Arandell Hand Sanitiser
117482 MAC Arandell PPE Sanitiser
117462 MAC Arandell Sanitiser
117476 MAC Arandell Surface Sanitiser


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