Apartmento Contemporary Furniture Limited

Apartmento creates beautifully designed, precision manufactured contemporary furniture for a discerning clientele whose expectations of quality surpass the everyday. Core to Apartmento's philosophy is the belief that beauty and quality can, and should, be reflected in our surroundings. The furniture we live with reflects our personality and can provide comfort and respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Apartmento furniture will last a lifetime and beyond. Its build quality is as renowned as its functional beauty and it will sit just as well in a truly contemporary space as a more traditional home. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand Apartmento furniture is an international class product right here at your doorstep.


+64 09 3769963

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119046 Apartmento Agnes Mirror
119035 Apartmento Alta Wardrobe
118967 Apartmento Beda Display Cabinet
119036 Apartmento Boxa Wardrobe
118970 Apartmento Casa Sideboard Cabinet
119032 Apartmento Como Dining Table
118987 Apartmento Cubby Coffee Table
119002 Apartmento Edward 3 Seater
119003 Apartmento Edward 4 Seater
119001 Apartmento Edward Armchair
118994 Apartmento Ferrier Coffee Table
119011 Apartmento Floating Shelf
118988 Apartmento Frank Coffee Table
118995 Apartmento Frank Console
119030 Apartmento Frank Dining Table
119017 Apartmento Frank Side Table
119004 Apartmento Gilbert 3 Seater
119005 Apartmento Gilbert 4 Seater
119006 Apartmento Gilbert Seactional
119023 Apartmento Harvo Barstool
119010 Apartmento Harvo Footstool
119018 Apartmento Harvo Side Table
118980 Apartmento Igloo 1.3 Cabinet
118979 Apartmento Igloo 2.3 Cabinet
118978 Apartmento Igloo 3.2 Cabinet
119040 Apartmento Igloo Bedside Table
118989 Apartmento Igloo Coffee Table
119012 Apartmento Interva Shelving System
119037 Apartmento Interva Wardrobe
119020 Apartmento Leag Bartool
119025 Apartmento Leag Carver Dining Chair
119024 Apartmento Leag Dining Chair
119027 Apartmento Leag Dining Table
119019 Apartmento Ledge Side Table
119045 Apartmento Lena Mirror
119015 Apartmento Louef side Table
119022 Apartmento Max Barstool
119039 Apartmento Melrose Bedside Table
118974 Apartmento Meta 1.3 Cabinet
118969 Apartmento Meta 2.2 Cabinet
118966 Apartmento Meta Armoire Cabinet
119038 Apartmento Meta Bedside Table
119043 Apartmento Meta Drawer
119013 Apartmento Meta Sofa Shelf
118997 Apartmento Meto Console
119044 Apartmento Meto Desk
118996 Apartmento Metra Console
119028 Apartmento Milo Dining Table
118990 Apartmento Minty Coffee Table
118968 Apartmento Miro Cabinet
118973 Apartmento Oona Sideboard Cabinet
118992 Apartmento Open Coffee Table
118977 Apartmento Otis 1.4 Cabinet
118976 Apartmento Otis 3.2 Cabinet
118975 Apartmento Otis 3.4 Cabinet
119008 Apartmento Otto Ottoman
118993 Apartmento Oval Coffee Table
119029 Apartmento Prudence Dining Table
119016 Apartmento Prudence Side Table
118971 Apartmento Quadra 2.3 Cabinet
119014 Apartmento Quadra shelving System
119007 Apartmento Salon Chair
119033 Apartmento Skip Bed
118985 Apartmento Sto 1.3 Cabinet
118984 Apartmento Sto 2.2 Cabinet
118983 Apartmento Sto 2.3 Cabinet
118982 Apartmento Sto 3.2 Cabinet
118981 Apartmento Sto 3.3 Cabinet
118972 Apartmento Sto 4.2 Cabinet
119041 Apartmento Sto Bedside Table
119042 Apartmento Sto Drawer
118991 Apartmento Sula Coffee Table
119031 Apartmento Sula Dining Table
119000 Apartmento Teddy Armchair
118998 Apartmento Teddy Sofa
119009 Apartmento Terry Ottoman
118986 Apartmento Terry Ottoman Coffee Table
119021 Apartmento Weeva Barstool
119026 Apartmento Weeva Dining Chair
119034 Apartmento Wendy Bed


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