Aotearoad Limited

Aotearoad made in New Zealand - Natural - Compostable - Vegan - Sustainable - Beauty Products

Aotearoad is a New Zealand born, environmentally minded company that has a clear goal to create effective formulas, whilst omitting the use of petrochemicals & plastics in Health & Beauty. Aotearoads products are holistic and sustainable. We believe "Change starts with the small things" starting with you, right here, in your home...

Aotearoad only use the best quality ingredients and the most innovative environmentally concious packaging available in the market to date. Our cardboard push up tubes are FSC certified and contain absolutely NO plastic, including in print films and dyes. They are certified compostable.

Most of our ingredients are food grade organic ingredients, sourced locally if produced here and then from fair trade and/or organic suppliers.

Vanessa & Monica have worked together for the last 4 years to create award winning deodorants and beauty products that are widely and used across the globe. Our Goal is to reduce plastics on shelver, without reducing quality. We are here to make a change, show another way of doing things and hopefully start a environmental revolution! Please join us xxx


+64 21 526312

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118016 Aotearoad Natural Deordorant Stick Rose + Vanilla
118033 Aotearoad Lip Balm Peppermint + Jojoba
118032 Aotearoad Lip Balm Pinacolada + Zinc
118030 Aotearoad Lip Balm Raspberry + Rosehip
118031 Aotearoad Lip Balm Vanilla + Cacoa
118028 Aotearoad Medium Hold Hair Clay
118026 Aotearoad Moisturising Stick Cacao + Vanilla
118024 Aotearoad Moisturising Stick Lime + Coconut
118027 Aotearoad Moisturising Stick Pinacolada + Zinc
118023 Aotearoad Moisturising Stick Pink Grapefruit + Ylang Ylang
118025 Aotearoad Mositurising Stick Rose + Vanilla
120957 Aotearoad Nappy Change Balm
118020 Aotearoad Natural Deodorant Stick Cedar + Sage
118021 Aotearoad Natural Deodorant Stick Neroli Woods + Vanilla
120964 Aotearoad Natural Deodorant Stick Pineapple + Coconut
118022 Aotearoad Natural Deodorant Stick Sensitive + Bicarb free
118019 Aotearoad Natural Deordorant Stick Pink Grapefruit + Ylang Ylang
118018 Aotearoad Natural Deordorant Stick Wild Orange + Bicarb Free
118015 Aotearoad Natural Deordorant Stick Zesty Bergamot + Lime
120960 Aotearoad Natural Hold Hair Clay
120967 Aotearoad Natural Mouthwash
120958 Aotearoad Sleepy Time Baby Moisturiser
120959 Aotearoad Stretch Mark Balm
118029 Aotearoad Strong Hold Hair Clay
120965 Aotearoad Tooth Tablets Fresh Mint
120966 Aotearoad Tooth Tablets Soft Mint
120963 Aotearoad Zinki Stick Arctic White
120961 Aotearoad Zinki Stick Coral Pink
120962 Aotearoad Zinki Stick Ocean Blue


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