Gorgeously simple all-natural skincare that you can understand and trust made in New Zealand by a qualified health professional, using the best sustainable, cruelty-free botanical ingredients – many of which are organic – to transform your skin and lift your spirits. 

The company is owned and run by Deirdre Doran, a registered nurse. Originally from Northern Ireland, Deirdre started making her face cream 14 years ago, after arriving in NZ, because she cared about what she put on her skin and wanted to make sure she only used the best ingredients. She was invested in looking after her appearance and formulated a moisturiser that she knew would reduce the effects of aging and that worked in NZ conditions.

Deirdre is proactive in sharing information and educating people to help them better understand their own problems and solutions. This is a vital part of healthcare – being informed and taking ownership of your health and the same goes for skincare.


+64 2102 691826

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116451 Agnes&Me Blam Blam Balm
116464 Agnes&Me Body Butter
116453 Agnes&Me Body Oil
116450 Agnes&Me Face Cream
116452 Agnes&Me Face Oil
116454 Agnes&Me Pink Clay Mask


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