Accumen Shapes Limited

Accumen Shapes custom manufacture a wide range of lightweight exterior mouldings including columns, architraves, cornices, window sills, fence caps, quoins, false vents and shutters, arches, bands/dado lines, parapet mouldings and chimney surrounds. Accumen Shapes also manufacture bBOLD signage, shapes, film sets and theatre props.



+64 9 2709228

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117514 TidyUp® Cement based adhesive plaster recommended for installing Accumen® decorative shapes
117515 bBOLD® Custom cut EPS shapes for signage, stage props, film sets, displays, packaging
117511 DecraShape® Decorative kiln dried S grade EPS shape coated in KickIt® plaster with fibreglass reinforcing
117512 fourPLUS® Decorative kiln dried Sgrade EPS shape pre-meshed with at least a 4mm thick KickIt® plaster coating
117513 ShapeCrete® Decorative lightweight concrete shape with mesh and, on larger shapes, reinforced rods


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