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A Kiwi Original shares uniquely Kiwi stories from people like you contributing to New Zealand's future. Each episode is approximately 25 - 35 minutes long. While each interview is unique, there are key themes that come up each time including:

  • The origin story behind the business.
  • What the business makes.
  • The people and skills the business relies on.
  • The products that have been created and the problems they solve.
  • How this business is positively shape New Zealand's future. 

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We film in our Wellington studio every Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The podcast and video episodes are released by Friday each week.


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For licence holders, the best moments of the show are shared with our 25,000 NZ Made fans across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

The full episode is also available on YouTube - A Kiwi Original and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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There is no additional appearance fee for being featured on A Kiwi Original. This service is included as part of your licence fee.

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A Kiwi Original

A Kiwi Original - Peri Drysdale - Untouched World - Episode 58

Peri Drysdale is the founder and CEO of Untouched World...a company that does more than make quality garments, it reaches out and does good in our communities. In this episode, we chat garments, what makes a garment last beyond a few years; in ruggedness and in style. But also, we touch on what Untouched World is doing in the sustainability space in terms of changing processes and empowering young leaders to take change of sustainable action in these uncertain times.

A Kiwi Original - Stellar Library team - Stellar Library - Episode 56

Stellar Library started a decade ago solving the problem of securing board papers for management teams and now the broader enterprise. In this episode I'm joined by Dipti, Mike and Johnny at Stellar Library to talk about custody of information, developing intuitive software and keeping close to customer needs. We also discuss the values that Stellar Library lives by and advice from the Co-Founder on why NZ Coded software is world class.



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