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A Kiwi Original shares uniquely Kiwi stories from people like you contributing to New Zealand's future. Each episode is approximately 25 - 35 minutes long. While each interview is unique, there are key themes that come up each time including:

  • The origin story behind your business.
  • What your business makes.
  • The people and skills your business relies on.
  • The products that have been created and the problems they solve.
  • How this business is positively shaping New Zealand's future. 

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A Kiwi Original - Richard Kettle - Animal Health Direct - Episode 77

This week I talk with Richard Kettle about his new innovation that gets more wool off a sheep back and why that matters more than ever as wool experiences a renaissance. Richard recently visited a merino farmer that supplies the global merino brand Icebreaker and his reaction to this breakthrough technology was astounding. Richard and I actually go back a few years, because he also runs the Birchleigh Polo Club and let me have a go a few times on one of the more gentle horses in his stable. What I've always admired about Richard is how he's always looking to improve things for the animal. That phrases 'animal welfare' is something that Richard imbues into the products that Animal Health Direct supply to farmers via nationwide retailers. In this episode, we go deep on one single invention that takes a single on farm activity and transforms it into one that gives farmers more wool for their effort. While that hasn't been the priority for some time with depressed wool prices, that's recently changed. I hope you enjoy this chat with entrepreneur, innovator and Animal Health Direct CEO, Richard Kettle.


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