NZ Made Elevator Pitch

In this new video series, New Zealand Made businesses pitch their business. Catch all new episodes on YouTube.

A Kiwi Original - Pieter Koekemoer | RVfinders

RV Finders is the brainchild of Pieter Koekemoer, who has been a familiar face in the industry since he became Smart RV’s sales leader (Christchurch) in 2015. Pieter honed his industry knowledge at last year’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, and he’s confident his experience and passion will help both buyers and sellers, bringing them together to get the best outcome for each. RV Finder’s listings come from referrals, friends, and past customers. The service is free for buyers, while sellers pay a flat fee or percentage based on the selling price which is very affordable and unbiased. The seller dictates the selling price. In a nutshell, buyers get an experienced industry professional to be their eyes and ears and to ensure they receive a fair price on the motorhome of their dreams.


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