NZ Made Elevator Pitch

In this new video series, New Zealand Made businesses pitch their business. Catch all new episodes on YouTube.

A Kiwi Original - Peri Drysdale | Untouched World

Untouched World is a sustainable lifestyle fashion brand based in New Zealand. They believe that you don't have to give up quality, luxury and great design to be good to the planet. Peri Drysdale, CEO and founder of Untouched World, started the brand when she noticed a beautiful river once admired had become contaminated and dangerous only two years later. Knowing that the fashion industry was a big part of the problem, Peri set out to promote a cleaner and greener way of living, using fashion as a vehicle for change. Untouched World design with a less is more aesthetic, creating their collections from exquisite natural yarns and fabrics. Untouched World is the first and only fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability.


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