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A Kiwi Original - Hamish Conway - Sell Global - Episode 06

Hamish Conway is the Founder of Sell Global, a channel strategy expert for businesses who want to sell on Amazon. Hamish is hands-on so we go deep on the detail in this chat as he shares how his expertise that's helped New Zealand businesses across a range of size companies get access to US and Australian buyers who start their search on Amazon. In this episode you can expect to learn about: - why marketplaces like Amazon help you sell where consumers are buying. - why the Amazon marketplace is not a replacement for your own eCommerce site. - the reason consumers have high trust of the Amazon brand in the US. - what seller behaviours are rewarded. - how big data has transformed Amazon’s paid per click business versus Facebook and what it means for business - the future as Amazon Australia makes inroads into the New Zealand market. - how to get started with ‘less but better’ products in the US vs going broad in Australia.


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