A Kiwi Original

A Kiwi Original is a video series, sharing uniquely Kiwi stories from people contributing to New Zealand's future.

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Each episode is approximately 3-5 minutes long. While each interview is unique, there are key themes that come up each time including:

  • The origin story behind your business.
  • What your business makes.
  • The people and skills your business relies on.
  • The products that have been created and the problems they solve.
  • How this business is positively shaping New Zealand's future. 

There is no additional appearance fee for being featured on A Kiwi Original. This service is included as part of your NZMade or NZCode licence fee. For licence holders, the best moments of the episodes are shared with our 30,000 NZ Made fans across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

A Kiwi Original - Des Ford - Arrow Uniforms - Episode 100

The "Arrow" in Arrow Uniforms stands for fast, because they provide high-quality uniforms at a speed unmatched by most overseas competitors. Des Ford has seen uniform factories the world over, and he's proud that Arrow is still making them here. Des thinks tidy, good-looking uniforms add so much to any team's professionalism and culture, and customers can see and respect that.


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