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A Kiwi Original shares uniquely Kiwi stories from people like you contributing to New Zealand's future. Each episode is approximately 25 - 35 minutes long. While each interview is unique, there are key themes that come up each time including:

  • The origin story behind your business.
  • What your business makes.
  • The people and skills your business relies on.
  • The products that have been created and the problems they solve.
  • How this business is positively shaping New Zealand's future. 

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A Kiwi Original - Bart De Vries - Limber - Episode 03

Limber is considered the world's healthiest desk because it goes beyond a standing or seated fixed setup. In this episode physiotherapist Bart de Vries shares: - the insights he had into why only 20% of people change the height of a standing desk. - his unique advantage in solving an office problem no one had been able to before. - how facilities management can create the flexible office spaces while expanding vital shared areas. - the VR technology Limber has used solve the fear of change for office workers. - how Bart keeps his wellbeing in check during his founder journey so far. - why U.C. Berkeley are interested in researching the unique potential health properties of Limber.


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